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In 1999 we were appointed distributor for Koi Ichi Ban/Koi & Goldfishfarm S.A. Japan.

Koi Ichi Ban was formed in the late 80's by the world renowned Michel Capot and is now known as the largest exporter into mainland Europe of quality Japanese Koi.

The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Associations (OATA) recommendation for imported koi, which has been supported by scientific study, is a minimum of 14 days isolation period at a temperature of 22 degrees C.

Although we were certain that stock originating from our Japanese breeders was disease/virus free, we took the decision in 2000 to build a fish house on our West country farm, specifically to carry out the OATA recommendation on all koi imported by us and offered for sale through our own ponds.

Our source and quality of Japanese koi is unsurpassed with stock being packed for transit by the breeders themselves. Under no circumstances are the fish mixed with stock from other sources, so our isolation process is truly a “belt and braces” exercise. We have never seen SVC or KHV in any of the stock we have imported, but be assured this will not dissuade us from continuing with the OATA recommendation.

Phil Pearce has in the past and will continue in the future to make regular trips to Japan, liase with the breeders and select our stock, thereby ensuring that only the highest quality fish are available from Peter Golding Ltd.

In an article in the Pet Product Marketing magazine, OATA urged stockists of coldwater and pond fish to adhere to the OATA guidelines in order to protect their business, the UK aquatic trade and native fish stocks. We have carried out their recommendations – need we say more!

Members of the aquatic trade are invited to contact our sales office for full stock lists of either U.K. acclimatised fish or direct consignments from Japan.